ABOUT doble

We are trying our best in order to make the most
handy kitchen utensils in the world everyone wants.

We are striving to design kitchen tools which can be desired by everyone.
As a specialized kitchen tools manufacturers with total service providing-from planning of products to development, design, manufacturing, and distributions, we are focused on customers’ convenience and satisfaction with our products.

Joyful Design

Anyone want to
have kitchenware

Convenient Idea

Anyone want to
have kitchenware

Good Quality

Compete in quality


How are you?

We have been with buyers from 1985 until now with the management philosophy of faith. We dream of the top kitchenware company in the world beyond Korea. Under our motto of convenience, honesty, and quality, we design, produce, and sell our products. Once you ask, we always do it immediately, surely, and until you are satisfied. Our company wants to serve the world. Thank you very much.


Doble creates easy-to-use products.


Doble produces honestly, checking every process step carefully.


Doble does not give away high quality in any case.

N. C. Park / CEO.

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