Do not give kitchen boards to germs!

1. Cleaned whenever you use.

Do not trim the right of other food after use , please wash it under running water for more than 10 seconds. Especially after you trim the eoyukryu Wipe clean all knives and cutting boards.

2. Used to isolate only.

If possible, use prepared eoyukryu only cutting boards and knives.

3. Frequently disinfected.

Wash with detergent or disinfectant as good when in direct sunlight.

4. Replaced the old one.

Some materials of all cutting boards, used a lot of old nick hygiene is not good .

Knife, cutting board, dishcloth used to correctly

What is cross-contamination?
It would have moved on one side towards the microorganisms in the food preparation and handling of any other contamination.
In order to reduce cross-contamination , be aware of the chopping board, knife, dish towels how to use it.

  • Use a cutting board to distinguish each food.
  • A long time use a cutting board exchange.
    The surface is scratched old cutting board is cross-contamination, get up better than the new cutting board .
  • Lease rinse with water at least 10 seconds before handling other foods during use.
  • If you have a habit of wiping the dirty countertop with a clean cloth or kitchen towel.
  • Dirty, damp cloth, please do not neglect to replace it with a new one.
  • Please put some cloths to prepare each sheet by usage.